Diamondback Hybrid Bike Solar Headlight Lamp

This bicycle light for your Diamondback Hybrid Bike makes it easy for you to see and be seen. Do not risk danger by riding in the dark, use the easy to install hybrid bike headlight to see and grab attention even whether day or night in any weather conditions.

Solar powered to hold extra long charge, and USB rechargeable and also includes a 120 decibel horn.


  • Great fit for your specific Diamondback hybrid bike, just choose from the drop down box above
  • Waterproof and made from high quality material
  • Up to 360 lumen, super bright at night LED, with high visibility up to 200m/650ft 
  • Has three lighting modes: Low light (200 lumen), - Strobe Mode (350 lumen) - High Light (350 lumen)
  • Includes horn with 5 sound modes at 120 dB
  • USB rechargeable with built-in 2000 mA battery that fully charges in 4 hours
  • Solar powered, meaning during the day it will recharge and hold charge, so no need to worry about running out of power
  • Provides LED battery level indicators, to know exactly the power level remaining for the LED light  (0--25%--50%--75%--100%)
  • Easy Installation of the headlamp onto your hybrid bike
Package Includes:
1 x Hybrid Bicycle Headlight for your Diamondback Bike
1 x Horn
1 x Mounting Silicone Strap
1 x USB Charging Cable

Choose your Diamondback hybrid bike model from the drop down list above, for your bicycle headlight.

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