LED Sensor Rear Brake Light for GT Hybrid Bike

Automatic Braking LED Light for Your GT Bicycle with USB Charging

This LED tail light for your GT hybrid bicycle is both smart, intelligent and extremely stylish. The light has a smart induction sensor that will intelligently sense when you are braking and light up in brake mode - prompting attention and improving safety.

Also waterproof and USB rechargeable with very long life.


  • Brake induction: After the braking is sensed, the taillight will automatically switch to the brake light mode, highlighting attention and improving safety
  • Intelligent light sensor: in daytime riding it is automatically turned off, and for night riding it will automatically turn on.
  • 4Modes:
    • Always on
    • Flashing
    • Breathing mode
    • Automatic brake sensing
  • In any mode, as long as the brake is detected, the brake light mode is automatically turned on
  • High brightness LED+ Ensca lens: bright and no glare
  • IPx6 waterproof rating
  • USB rechargeable - 20hrs life
  • Simple to install
Package Includes:
1 x Bicycle LED taillight for GT
1 x USB cable 

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