Pedals for Kona Hybrid Bike

This is a high quality & lightweight pair of hybrid bicycle pedals for your Kona hybrid bike. These flat pedals are made mostly of light weight, durable aluminum magnesium alloy material, and feature an ultra thin body and a superior gripping performance. You will ensure the most efficient transfer of power from your legs to your wheels with these pedals.

Furthermore, the pedals are easy to install while having a beautiful appearance on your Kona bicycle.


  • Great fit for your specific bike, just choose from the drop down above
  • Comes in colors: Black, Grey or Red (choose above)
  • Durable, high quality and lightweight made of aluminum magnesium alloy and chromium molybdenum steel bearings
  • Ultimate grip design for the superior transfer of force from the cyclist to the bicycle
  • Ultra-thin body guaranteeing the perfect light weight
  • Lubricated sealed 3 ball bearing structure allows the pedal to run very smooth
  • Size: 4.28 x 3.68 x 0.47 inch / 108.7 x 93.5 x 12.1 mm
  • Easy to install
Package Includes:
1 x Left & Right Pair of Pedals

Choose your Kona hybrid bike model from the drop down list above, for your pedals.

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