Protective Thermal Battery Jacket For Haibike eBike

Increase Battery Mileage in Cold, Protect from Elements


We have solved the problem for those of us that love to ride our Haibike ebikes when temperatures drop. Unfortunately, those cold temperatures cause a drop in battery efficiency. Ebike batteries should maintain a core temperature of 50-75 degrees fahrenheit for optimal performance. The Haibike Battery Jacket is not only intended to help keep the battery temperature from dropping in cold, but it is also constructed of a water repelling fabric, to help keep your battery dry in wet conditions. The special fabric assist to trap the batteries heat inside of it, thus keeping the battery temperature from dropping as significantly as without the cover.

Leave the Haibike Battery Jacket on if outside temperatures drop below 50 degrees fahrenheit but remove it when temperatures rise to over 50 degrees fahrenheit


  • Great fit for your specific Haibike bike, just choose from the drop down above 
  • Increase battery efficiency in cold conditions
  • Protect the battery/frame from mud, rain and other inclement conditions 
  • Easy to clean, machine washable
  • Easy Installation
Package Includes:
- 1 x Haibike ebike battery jacket

Choose your Haibike ebike model and battery mount position from the drop down list above to order.
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