Santa Cruz Bicycle Wall Mounted Storage Solution

Display your Santa Cruz bike like a work of art. Off the floor and out of the way.

This wall-mounted bike storage solution for your Santa Cruz bicycle is compact and easy to install, ideal for apartments, those with limited space, garages or as an epic way to hang and display your bikes.


  • Great fit for your specific bike, just choose from the drop down above
  • Saves Space - The most space efficient bike storage system on the market. Clearing all floor space.
  • Most Compatible - This Santa Cruz bicycle wall mount works with your specific bike's pedals, fitted for small clip-ins to large platforms
  • A Work of Art - Display your pride and joy the way it should be, as a work of art. Improve the atmosphere of any room. Like hanging a painting.
  • Safe & Secure - The Santa Cruz wall mount does not make any contact with the frame, keeping it safe from scratches
  • Easy to install
Package Includes:
1 x Pedal Hook for your Santa Cruz
2 x Tire Mounts
7 x Screws
7 x Wall Anchors


Choose your Santa Cruz bicycle model from the drop down list above, for your hanging wall mount.
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