Santa Cruz Road Bike Disc Brake Bleed Kit

This kit is custom assembled and includes everything needed to bleed your Santa Cruz bicycle's fitted hydraulic disc brake system. The use of the bleeding tool with the supplied syringe, tubing, barbed adaptor and gloves ensures a quick, clean bleed with great results and will ensure your brakes are performing at their best. The kit will be compatible with the hydraulic brake system fitted to your Santa Cruz bicycle.


  • A precise and easy way to change oil for your brakes.
  • Includes two types of oil storage: filling cylinder and funnel, It can also be used to collect waste oil when the bottle is linked to the caliper.
  • A chemically stable low resistant injector to provide smoothness, even when pushing a high consistency shock absorber
  • Includes information and video tutorials for brake bleeding procedure for your bicycle
Package Includes:
1 x Bleed syringe
2 x Block piston
1 x Funnel
1 x Plug
1 x wrench
1 x Torx screwdriver
2 x Tube
1 x Bottle vent
1 x Pothook
1 x Tube closing
2 x Gloves
1 x manual
6 x various adapters
1 x RSC Guide adapter
1 x adapter to fit your disc brakes

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